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Waterfall Shower Head

This waterfall shower head is perfect for a rain inspired bathroom. 6 in. High pressure 4 setting will create a rain inspired bathroom you can be proud of. The fixed waterfall brushed nickel finish will make this shower head look great on any bathroom floors.

Waterfall Ceiling Shower Head

If you're looking to add a waterfalls aspect to your showerhead set-up, then you'll want to check out some of the latest brands and designs. Check out this excerpt from the waterfallsidea, which will help you determine the right head for your showerhead set-up. .

Waterfall Rain Shower Head

This falls into the trend of aquatic-inspired shower heads and this one is a beautiful green with dark green and black colors. It has a modern look to it with a sleek design. The water is lighted with a modern lightidine thats easy to see. This is a great shower head for any home with a contemporary look. this large waterfall shower head is a square shower head with a rainforest theme. It has a chrome finish and a stainless steel body. The head is h-shaped and has a shower head diameter of 12 inches and a rainfall capacity of up to 10 gallons per minute. The head is made with a rainforest leavesync motif and the chainlink shield design. It has a white finish with black trim. This shower head is good for both indoor and outdoor use. this high pressure waterfall showerhead is an amazing option for a stylish bathroom or living room. With its adjustable angles, this waterfalls can be tailored to specific needs and looks in your home. Plus, the high pressure waterfall design is easy to care for and maintain. this is a 12" rain fall shower head that is concealed beneath a green and black finish. It has a storm stainless steel finish and is topped with a recessed rain shower head. This piece is perfect for a sleek and stylish bathroom.