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Dual Shower Head With Slide Bar

The mariner 2 shower head is perfect for a big family or a large home. With two shower heads, you'll be able to choose the size and temperature you want. The slide bar allows for a secure fit, making it easy to use. The black finish is stylish and easy to clean.

Double Shower Head With Slide Bar

Hey everyone! as I start to prepare for my next few weeks of work, I'm quickly becoming used to the new double shower head. It's easy to use and looks great with any home's design. the slide bar is a great addition to any home's shower enclosure, and it's easy to use. You can easily put this head in place and use it right away. so, what are you waiting for? Prepare for your next family shower with a smile!

Dual Shower Head Bar

This mariner 2 shower head bar is a great addition to your home's finish out your area with simple and sleek look. The bar has two brushed nickel finish and makes for a easy clean. this rain shower head with slide bar is perfect for keeping your showerhead looking good no matter what time of year it is - during the year in the cold or during the summer time it's perfect! The dual shower heads are perfect for keeping your showerhead clean and looking good. This set of two shower heads with a slide bar is sure to provide the perfect temperature and water pour-over I expected from both items. Thevenetian bronze is constructioninally a good quality item, but feels a little cheap in the hand. The slide bar eliminates the hads and uncertainties of using only one type of shower head in each direction, which would have ghastly consequences if not for the slide bar's ability to control the temperature and water pour-over. " this dual shower head with slide bar is perfect for a more antiquated or modernizing bathroom. The top piece of this set is a waterfall slide bar that takes the place of a standard shower head. This set also includes a water flow rate setting and a medium or low water flow rate.