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Shower Head Pipe

We are new company that is ao earth based, we are family run business for over 20 years now and have always been known for our quality and craftsmanship. Our shower head is a top solution to help you keep your home water-saving essentials, with our high-pressure position, you can easily let loose without having to leave the house. Plus, our shower head always a first-rate set-up for a new home.

Shower Head Tube

This is an 12 inch Pipe extension head that can be attached to a wall or wall mount, it imparts an adjustable arm that allows you to find an exceptional position for your shower. The extension head is manufactured of sturdy materials that will last and are uncomplicated to operate, this rain shower head with extension arm is an alternative that includes an 52 cm 20 inch diameter stainless steel input and output. It is able to deliver up to 0, 90" of water flow per minute, making it first-rate for loop showering. The alternative of black finish is exquisite for your home's look, this 20 shower head keywords is an unrivaled gift for the someone who loves their bathroom! This is a stainless steel shower head extension Pipe that can be used in addition to the standard shower head to increase the number of shower hours possible. The 52 cm wall mount shower head extension Pipe can handle up to 20 shower hours with ease, making it a sterling gift for a person who loves their bathroom! This flexible shower head extension hose is top-quality for lovers with a long shower, or who crave a length of hose, it is additionally enticing for enthusiasts who have a custom-made shower head.