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Shower Head Slide Bar Brushed Nickel

Our shower head slide bar is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom space. Our slide bar has a brushed nickel finish that is easy to clean. It has a comfortable feel to it and can be customized to your needs.

Mariner 2 Combination Shower Head System

The mariner 2 combination shower head system is the perfect solution for those with a streaming shower or those who want to get a little bit of hemispherical shape in their shower. The system includes two high-pressure sudsors that work together to create a powerful stream of water. the mariner 2 system is compatible with both traditional shower heads andherbicide-based shower heads. You can consider each choice if you have an available space and budget. if you have a traditional shower head, the mariner 2 system will allow you to customize your shower to your own liking. However, be aware that the system does not work with spray-based heads. if you are looking for a shower head that is both high-pressure and environmentally-friendly, the mariner 2 system is a perfect fit for you. You can find them at any waterpark or water lover's paradise.

Dual Shower Head With Slide Bar Brushed Nickel

This dual shower head is a great addition to your home and perfect for those with a clean feel. Thek-99243-g-bn hand shower head is brushed nickel finish and while it may not have the all-black look and feel, it's still a beautiful option, perfect for those with a gray or brown home. With an easy-to-use slide barhose, you can have a perfect range of options for your home, from the'luxury' model that has a luxurywooden handle and slide bar hose, to the more affordable k-99243-g-bn, which has a less expensive wooden handle. the 304 stainless steel shower head rail set with adjustable hose is perfect for multiple users or cleaning the bathroom. The shower head can be placed ever so slightlyoutherly or rotateable to any angle desired. The shower head is made from brushed nickel with a double chrome finish. this dual shower head set includes a stainless steel grab rail and a handheld shower bsb2240-02. The grab rail is need to keep your showerhead in perfect condition, while the shower head itself has two slide bars to move around. this is a hand-held shower that is equipped with a moen 3669epbn slide bar. The shower has a 69-inch long hose and is equipped with a slide bar. This hand-held shower is perfect for anyone that wants to shower in style.