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Delta Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Head

This Delta Oil Rubbed Bronze shower head is a new single-handle tub shower head for your home, it renders an 144984 c-ob model number and is compatible with the porter single-handle tub shower head. This head is produced of durable Bronze and grants a comfortable handle, it is a best-in-class addition to your home and is sure to give your home the look of art and style.

Delta Venetian Bronze Shower Head

This Delta venetian Bronze shower head is a splendid value for your money, it is single handle and grants an 142996 c-ob design, which makes it uncomplicated to operate. The valve is conjointly effortless to operate, making it a best-in-class substitute for a general use shower, this Delta ruben shower head is a single handle tub faucet with Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. It is manufactured to single handle tubs with a water flow rate of 144984 it offers a white control switch and is water flow handle, it is likewise have an ergonomic design with a hard plastic handle. Looking for a high-quality Delta shower head kit? You'll admire the difference you make with this variety, with a Bronze color, Delta Oil Rubbed Bronze shower head is sure to make your shower feel more like a job well done. Order your Delta shower head kit today and you'll be sure to get the most out of your water usage! This is of the future shower head, it uses Delta Oil Rubbed Bronze technology which is safe for the catchment areas of earth and wood. The Oil rubs the metal of the shower head making it more efficient and durable, the Oil is slowly released over time and takes away the Oil needed to keep the metal rock salt clear. The water is then more evened out which is sterling for nigel's garden.