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Delta Dual Shower Heads

Looking for a shower that will make your life easier? Don't search more than the Delta hydrorain 4-spray patterns 6 in, Dual shower heads in satin nickle 75699 sn! These patterns have everything you need to make your cleaning and upkeep as straightforward as possible. From the basic to clean, these heads are sure to make your life easier.

Delta 1 Spray Shower Head

The Delta 1 spray shower head is a sterling substitute for a modern touch in your shower, it extends a bright chrome 75699 design and 6 spray heads. The Delta 1 renders a water height of 4 in, it can be used with either hand and gives a shower head profile. The Delta hydrorain two-in-one 4-spray patterns is a practical alternative to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom décor, our patterns are designed with function in mind, and provide you with a beneficial deal of options for controlling and inhibiting water flow. The patterns are magnatite material and are durable, long-lasting, and uncomplicated to use, the Delta in2 ition 2-in-1 is first-rate for a person who wants a bastion-like design with 7 shower heads and an 7-in-one shower. The Dual shower heads are especially top-of-the-heap for folks with large families or who wish to have a single shower for all their family and friends, the wall mount as well beneficial for adding onto an existing shower. This product includes two shower heads with magna-tite 75699 bl coating, one fortop and one at the side of the shower.