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Brushed Nickel Shower Head

This 6 in 3 settings rain shower head is valuable for 6 in 4-settings waterfalls, this head is fixed to the wall and presents a fixed voltage of 4 settings, making it beneficial for any system. The Brushed Nickel finish will give your shower head that top-of-the-heap old-school look.

Shower Heads Brushed Nickel

Our 3 inch high pressure shower head is braided with a luxurious Nickel finish, it is first-rate for a professional look-the-job shower. Our head is eligible for the signature aqua elegance paint job, this lightweight stainless steel rain fall shower head is excellent for high end homes or businesses. The sleek and high end features and features make it a practical surrogate for shoppers who desiderate to feel like a luxury input, the pss3919-02 is a Brushed Nickel shower head with a handheld combo function and a white enamel finish. It is outstanding for any shower with a professional look, this 16-inch led shower head ceiling is a valuable alternative for a stylish and functional rain square sprayer. The shower head options with a wall mount or behemoths that can be placed on the wall, the shower head is manufactured with a Brushed Nickel rain square sprayer that is in turn, wrapped in an 16-inch led shower head ceiling. These systems are splendid for any bathroom, whether you're digging to add a touch of luxury to your home or to your cost of ownership.