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Adjustable Shower Head

This is a splendid surrogate for a home bathroom or for a portable shower head, it features seven color changing led lights that make this is a fun and engaging shower. The sleek design is top-of-the-heap for a small home area.

Flexible Shower Heads

The high-pressure 9, 5 inch Adjustable rainfall shower head is a flexible shower head that can be used in both landscape and portrait orientation. It extends a comfortable handle and a high-pressure status indicator, the head is able to take on an 9. 5 inch water flow or an 100 pound weight, it is fabricated and renders a plastic cover that is basic to clean. The head extends a-elasticity adjuster - giving you the ability to choose a valuable size for your shower, the Adjustable height shower head is an unequaled substitute to adjust the level of pressure on your showerhead without having to remove the entire head. This reduces water flow and improves water temperature, this is a shower head holder that can be attached to an universal design shower head. It comes with an Adjustable screw on bracket to suit different size shower heads, the brackets can also be remove of size. The white color is indicative of the component: shower head, this amends the problem with too much water coming into the shower and making it difficult to take the shower door open. It also allows the user to take the shower door open at will, without having to constantly check the water level in the shower.