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Shower Head Extension

Looking for a shower head that will keep your rainforest scouring good? This Extension arm from the rainforest bathjon'srainfall shower head Extension arm is a practical substitute for individuals who ache to add a touch of elegance to their shower head, this arm is 16-inch stainless steel and making it a top-grade substitute for either a larger or larger shower.

Shower Head Extension Arm

This uncomplicated to operate shower head Extension arm is best-in-the-class for mounting on a rain cover or snowstorm, the stainless steel construction means it will last long and not rust. The arm imparts a quick-drip design for even water flow and is wall-mountable for basic installation, it comes with an attachment for your own wall-mount shower. The shower head pipe Extension is an outstanding alternative for individuals with a shower who need to adjust the height and angle, this Extension is adjustable height and angle which means you can select how high you want the shower head to reach, as well as the angle for which you want the shower head to connect to the wall. The Extension also offers a holding clip which makes it basic to keep on the side of the shower like most other items, this extended shower head is an excellent way to add an extra room to your shower. It provides an 16 40 cm square ceiling and is wall-mounted, this Extension arm extends a strong chrome look and feel. The rain shower head is a top-grade way for a professional setting or for everyday use, this rain shower head Extension arm is first-class for adding some more room to your showerhead. It gives a stainless steel look and feel and feels sturdy in your hand, the range of this arm is 52 cm, so you can add it to your existing showerhead or find a more specific range like 20 cm to 52 cm. The handle is manufactured from durable stainless steel, making this arm a top-of-the-line way for people who crave a durable and reliable showerhead extension.