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Shower Head Diverter

This 3-way Diverter t-valve chrome splitter is sensational for your shower head! It allow you to adjust the arm mount Diverter to suit your specific situation perfectly.

Fixed Shower Head With Diverter

This fixed shower head with Diverter valve is an excellent alternative for suitors who yearn to avoid having to fumble through their shower head or bath tap switch outlet toggle switch each time they want to customize their shower experience, this Diverter valve is fabricated of brass and provides a three-way Diverter valve connection which makes it sturdy and reliable. This shower head Diverter valve is an 3-way splitter for connecting two shower heads, the brass diverter. Is compatible with any shower head, this diverter. Can be used on standard shower heads or with Diverter valves to create a more efficient shower, the Diverter valve mounts on the front of the shower head and can be used to increase the efficiency of your shower. The 3-way splitter allows you to connect two shower heads in a consistent manner, this Diverter bath shower head arm mount valve is for the shower head on shower-head. Org store, it is 3-way compatible with a splitter shower holder and is compatible with both the metric and the american football size shower heads. It allows the user to adjust it's size to suit any shower head, this Diverter valve is for hand held showers and is 3-way so can be used for Diverter showers or bath tap switches. It imparts a brass look and feel and is unequaled for a professional feel.