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Rv Shower Head

The rv hand held shower head on off switch is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your camping lifestyle. This shower head is perfect for those who love to take their time washing their clothes and want something that makes for a more relaxing and stress-free camping experience. The rv model features a water pressure of 50 psi and a sprayer that can be attached to the head for added convenience. Other features include a chrome 3 finish and a 3-foot long water hose.

Rv Shower Head And Hose

Introducing the new shower head and hose combo from viva! This new line ofshower head and hose set comes with a destoryer and was designed to help you get your home's water temperature where you need it. the viva shower head and hose set is perfect for using home water temperature up to 240 degrees f (100 degrees c). The set includes a destoryer and water measuring cup. The destoryer takes into account water temperature and will set your water temperature to the desired position. The water measuring cup will show the water temperature and electricity usage for just you. the viva set is also designed to reduce water usage and improve water efficiency. It comes with a washer and a dryer that will help you save water every day. Plus, the set will help you enjoy your shower while using home water temperature. so what are you waiting for? Get the viva shower head and hose set today!

Rv Shower Head With Hose

This is a handheld shower head that includes a hose and a shut off white. It makes a great addition to an rv. this rv rain shower head is a great way to show your chromed content mobile home. The shower head is equipped with clear handle hoses that make it easy to handle. This shower head is also heated by the sun and is perfect for used or new homes. this rv shower head is a great option for those who want to save water and high pressure points. It includes a water-saving feature that prevents the shower from getting too hot, and a camper style water-saving feature that prevents the shower from going too cold. The silver finish is also a great option, as it is easy to clean. this stunning whitehandheld shower head is perfect for your oxygenics body spa. It has 2 setting which are 26788 and 9999. This head is new and has never been used.