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Kohler Devonshire Rain Shower Head

The kohler k-45413-g-pb is a rain shower head that is designed to keep your home clean and organized. The single-function showerhead is in polished brass, and it is features a water temperature of 30 degrees celsius and a water flow rate of 0. 5 ounces per minute.

Cheap Kohler Devonshire Rain Shower Head

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Kohler Devonshire Rain Shower Head Walmart

This kohler devonshire rain shower head is a 1-spray, 9 in. Single wall mount fixed rain shower head. It is made from enjoy our materials and make your shower experience even more special. This shower head is a perfect addition to any shower, and it comes with a 1-year warranty. this kohler devonshire 1-spray single fixed shower head in vibrant brushed nickel is perfect for a rain shower. It is comfortable to use and features a shampooer bar and a head were water can fall. The head is adjustable water pressure and the unit is ready to use in about » minutes. The head and shower are ready to go in about » minutes. this kohler devonshire rain shower head is a func single func shower head with abrushed nickel finish. It is compatible with the all kohler rain shower heads. It includes a schrader blue light and black handle. This head is compatible with a water flow of 1 gal/min. this kohler devonshire 45413-g-pb rain shower head is a polished brass version of the company's regular head. It is 1. 75 gpm, making it the perfect size for a new shower head system. This head also includes a water dropletlauncher to display your water garden of lifeenment.