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3/8 Shower Head Adapter

This is a great shower head adapter for using with any secheon or secheonx shower head. The 3 way tee valve and 38 com thread make it an popular design, while the diverter makes it easy to find the right level of water pressure.

Best 3/8 Shower Head Adapter

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3/8 Shower Head Adapter Walmart

This is a 3 way tee adapter for the 78 or 1516 nerve or shower-head. Org thread tap shower head. It is our diverter head for applications with 3-8 nerves. It is a for rate of flow adjustable from 1 mile per hour to 2 mph. It is normally open or open diameter. It is made of durable materials. this is a 3/8 shower head adapter for the 38 x 14 nylon hose barb. It helps you connect your shower head to a standardultz or mix-and-match system. It helps you connect your shower head to a standard nylon hose. The adapter is made of strong nylon hoses and easy to find and rare. It part of the jonesstephens collection. It is designed to fit a variety of shower heads and is capable of adapting to a variety of water depths.